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Eliot Spitzer’s hooker-loving ways have cost him big — with ex-wife Silda scoring a .5 million cash payout and a steady stream of payments to maintain her luxurious lifestyle as part of their divorce, The Post has learned.

A “postnuptial” agreement promises 56-year-old Silda a lifetime of ease in exchange for the years of humiliation she endured married to the former governor, who resigned in disgrace after being revealed as “Client No. In addition to a .5 million settlement dubbed a “lump sum” but payable over seven years, Silda also gets 0,000 a year in maintenance for the rest of her life — with all the cash coming after Eliot pays the taxes.

As the wife of former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, she was the first lady of New York State from January 2007 until March 2008.

From 2008 to 2011, she was managing director at Metropolitan Capital Advisors, a woman-owned hedge fund.

Related records show Eliot — who has been dating political publicist Lis Smith, 23 years his junior — can easily afford his freedom.The divorced couple agreed to continue sharing ownership of their million upstate farm. so that each party has an equal number of weeks and weekends in any year.” Either one can also trigger a sale to the other, with Eliot agreeing to pay at least .5 million, or half the market value, plus another 0,000 after taxes, if he exercises the option.In a clear nod to Eliot’s philandering, both sides had agreed, pre-divorce, not to use the farm “in any way, including choice of visitors, that would cause any of their children emotional distress, unhappiness, embarrassment, hurt or harm in any way.” They also pledged, post-divorce, to work out a “mutually agreeable schedule . They also put in place a confidentiality agreement that stipulates that neither they nor reps may publish anything “concerning intimate details of their marriage” or “any other intimate details of the other’s life, or the other’s business, professional or financial affairs” without written consent.After standing grimly at her husband’s side as the “Love Gov” scandal unfolded in 2008, the North Carolina native filed for divorce in late 2013.She received a .5 million payout, 0,000 a year in maintenance payments for life, and use of the apartment.

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Earlier, Smith had brought Spitzer to her parents’ Bronxville home for Christmas, after which the couple were spotted frolicking in a hot tub while on vacation at a Jamaican resort.

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