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Its not something everyone can get away with, but Ashe Meyers is a pretty good name for a boy.

July 2013 - Present Meyers and Ashe, a lawyer, met at a wedding in 2011 and have been dating since.

on Thursday, June 20, where she consumed Rihanna-themed cocktails, exchanged life advice, and gave a Fenty Beauty makeover to the late night host that made him resemble that "one unicorn movie with the blue people" (side note: Ri Ri thought was inhabited by unicorns).

The segment began with Rihanna and Meyers sipping some Under My Rum-brella (filled with rum, chocolate rum balls, rum raisin ice cream, and a bunch of cocktail umbrellas), Diamond in the Rye (rye whiskey and Blue Diamond almond milk), and We Found Veuve in a Hostess Place (a champagne and Twinkie combo) cocktails.

"I just started kissing her; I couldn't even wait.

When you're a Trump Mingle user, they let you do it," said one man in the ad.

Does Meyers have a steady date, or does he arrive single? Unlike some from the comedy world, like Steve Carrell, she's not a fellow improv person he married.

Alexi Ashe is not an actress, nor is she a comedian.

Sounds like something out of a Much like George Clooney, Meyers married up, way up. In 2008, former longtime SNL cast member Chris Kattan got married, and Ashe attended the wedding as her sister's guest.” Her explicit advice came after Meyers offered the singer some life advice, too. When Meyers asked about other possible career paths she could take, Rihanna revealed that she once wanted to be a pilot. When I realized my grades sucked.” Couldn't you so picture Rihanna chartering a plane? Meyers actually met Ashe after he was already a fixture on , and a semi-famous name.Until he met her, Meyers had only been casually dating, unable to find anyone he could "see himself with" long term.

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