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Keri Russell of “The Americans" may or may not be dating her costar Matthew Rhys, according to reports out Tuesday.Leave it to a rumored off-screen romance between two on-screen lovers to fuel intrigue in a TV show. The “Felicity” alum, 38, and the Welsh actor, 39, who play hotblooded spies in the FX Cold War drama, have ignited dating rumors, according to People, which reported an alleged “date night” between the actors.In an interview with the Daily Mail, he told the paper about the possibility of settling down one day.Yes, you hit a time in your life when it starts to feel like the natural thing to do.The 39-year-old is still single, but has had his share of relationship drama.Here’s all you need to know about the 39-year-old Welshman who stars in As of late, he’s been fending off rumors that he’s dating his co-star Russell, who announced her split from husband Shane Deary in December.A source told that the duo, who have been the subject of secret relationship rumours for months, are definitely dating.An eyewitness also said they were very affectionate and held hands during the performance, before leaving the theatre together.

He told People:, the two play KGB spies living in Washington, D. To be cast in the show, the pair had to do a chemistry read.But, unfortunately, classic things came between us, like distance. The word quickly spread of the affair after photos emerged of a topless Miller kissing a married Getty in Italy in July of 2008.There was this beautifully written character and sexuality absolutely wasnt an issue nor was it his defining characteristic as far as his identity went.I’ve never done action or anything like that so it was nice to be considered for it. A source told the magazine, “They looked very much like a couple.They were laughing and walking closely together.”He’s loving his New York home and told stylecaster that he’s in a “love affair” with the city: At the moment there is NOTHING I don’t like about New York.

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But I’m not with anyone, so that’s the one lacking element at the moment.

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