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Adrian Paul Hewett's mother is Italian and his father British and he was born in London.

He is well traveled and fluently speaks Italian, French, a little German and is currently learning Spanish, but he only reads in English.

“I have been in the business for a long time and personally know some of these players, as well as our publicity department, and our poker host George Kozel had contacts that he reached to as well,” Paul said of the celebrity roster.

“Obviously this list changes due to the nature of celebrities getting work and currently we have a whole new list compiled that includes some other great names including poker pros.” Using poker for charitable means is not something new, but for Paul, it was the logical result of combining two of his passions. "I like poker, although I rarely have enough time to play.

He’s also in negotiations to direct a few films of his own.

As for cards, is there any chance Paul will appear in a poker film?

“On the Highlander set I had little time to play poker,” said Paul.

Upon turning 16, when most British kids graduate high school he opted to stay on two years more for a higher education.

In London, he had a job selling windows door to door. In 1985, when he first came to the States, he pursued a modeling and dance career.

“The Peace Fund began in 1997 when I was on the Highlander series,” Paul told Poker News.

“Being a show popular with kids I was swarmed by kids wanting my autograph and looking up to the character of Duncan Macleod.

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