Wade robson and britney spears dating

At the age of 12 Wade already worked as a dance teacher in the USA.

His ambitious mother had no qualms leaving her husband alone in Australia and move to the USA , even though Wade’s father was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and eventually killed himself in 2002.

Wade Robson is a ( has been ) dancer / choreographer . He met Michael Jackson at the age of 5 ( he was born on 17/09/1982 ) when he won a dance contest , in fact , organised by Pepsi and Target even though he later said it was organised by MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures which he alleged MJ founded to lure and abuse kids ( even Tom Sneddon never said that ) .

Wade remained however in the Jackson circle because it opened doors for him and his family. He got cut from that show after word got out about his disregard toward high profile celebrities.After he was not hired he accused MJ of molestation and sued his Estate for 1.5 billion $. John Branca wrote in his deposition: ‘’Robson testified the exact opposite UNDER OATH when Michael Jackson was alive and now he stands to make millions by changing his story. Robson filed a lawsuit under seal at first , which means he wanted to take money and run.Obviously , he did not try to raise awareness then. He gave Robson a record deal as part of a RAP duo named QUO but it failed.The Robsons decided to move to the USA to seek a better fortune.It was Wade’s father’s idea, which Joy Robson clearly stated at her deposition.

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However, when the doc aired, Amanda said she was incredibly naive and inexperienced about child abuse thus she could not help Wade deal with his alleged trauma. Safechuck , who also failed in his attempt to become an actor and also comes from a poor family ( his father was a garbage collector ), said that his abuse began at the 1989 Grammys in New York , which in fact took place in Los Angeles that year and Michael did NOT even perform then.

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