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Now the diocese has called its first synod in more than five decades to decide issues of doctrine as they pertain to attracting new church members.A new investigation from Buzz Feed News assembles allegations of horrifying abuse — possibly including murder — at a former Catholic orphanage in Burlington.While a big congratulations is in order for these lovebirds, you may be wondering who Cooke is and how he snagged Hollywood's golden girl. Prior to Gladstone, Cooke worked at Gagosian Gallery.His father, James Maroney, also worked as an art dealer. He's a New Englander: He grew up on his parent's farm in Vermont, according to Medium.We're talking to the report's author about what she uncovered. On July 1, Vermont became the ninth state, along with the District of Columbia, to legalize the cultivation, possession and consumption of cannabis (i.e., marijuana) by adults 21 years and older.Generally, college dorms and public housing facilities do not allow it. Why do many Vermonters now call it "cannabis" and not "marijuana"?

So before you light up in the Green Mountain State, here's the straight dope on what you can do here and where — as of this September 1, 2018, writing, anyway.

However, the plants must be kept in a private and secured enclosure away from the prying eyes and fingers of children and bored teenagers. Because that's how those products are typically sold on the black market.) Getting nabbed for smoking a doobie in public is a mere civil violation, not a criminal offense, and can result in a fine of no more than 0 the first time. About the only spot where you can get high is in a private dwelling. Also, if you're caught driving while high — most Vermont police departments now employ drug-recognition experts who are trained to spot your buzz and can seriously harsh your mellow — the legal consequences are equivalent to getting caught driving drunk.

For renters, home cultivation is fine provided you get written permission from the property owner, who may forbid it in a lease agreement. A first offense for exceeding the one-ounce/five-gram limit can score you up to a 0 fine and six months in the slammer, with fines and jail times increasing for subsequent offenses. That said, you can be high just about anywhere, with a few important exceptions. Ditto for operating a snowmobile, bicycle, boat, ATV, ride-on mower or other motorized vehicle while stoned.

It's a very real possibility Maroney is actually friends with Hilton, because in 2013 he was photographed with Stavros Niarchos, an infamous ex of the socialite's.

Lawrence previously dated Darren Aronofsky for a year before their Nov. She confirmed her single status in a February 2018 interview with Howard Stern, sharing, "I am not in a relationship.

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