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The Web, on the other hand, is defined in W3C's Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume I as follows: "The World Wide Web (WWW, or simply Web) is an information space in which the items of interest, referred to as resources, are identified by global identifiers called Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI)." Thus, the Web is an information space.The first three specifications for Web technologies defined URLs, HTTP, and HTML.If you are using a Web View to fetch and display web content in your application, you might need to provide additional configuration flags to ensure that the HTTP cache is enabled, its size is set to a reasonable number to match your use case, and the cache is persisted.Check the platform documentation and confirm your settings.When the server returns a response, it also emits a collection of HTTP headers, describing its content-type, length, caching directives, validation token, and more.

To ensure that the builder is set onto the project, open the Properties dialog for the project and go to the Validation property page.

In addition, W3C is represented in 17 other regions of the world via representatives based at organizations.

W3C calls these regional points of contact "W3C Offices." From the definition in the Wikipedia: "The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that interchange data by packet switching using the standardized Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP)." Thus, the Internet is a network of networks, defined by the TPC/IP standards.

Tim Berners-Lee wrote a proposal in 1989 for a system called the World Wide Web.

He then wrote the first Web browser, server, and Web page.

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