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================== If you thought that hl2would be the last glitch in tf2. 2012-2013 - TF2 Validating Cache Files - What is more annoying than that? [Feel Free to post any type of comment and ratings]( "Feel Free to post any type of comment and ratings") *if is according to rules* You must exit steam correclty. If you're disconnected, you can still come back from the server.

So, when I want to play TF2, it comes up with a window saying that "Steam if validating files". It gets completed to 100% without any problem but the validating file window is not closing and as a result of that, I am not able to start the Team Fortress 2.I am not able to understand that what is going on with this and how this can be solved. I was also facing the similar problem but somehow I managed to get it resolved.In the end, though, I assure you it's worth it because now I don't have to sit through that annoying pop-up!Hope I helped a lot of others too : DI have this problem, I think we're boned until valve launches steampipe as The Qless mentioned.

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Among other things, it fixes the constant file verifications when starting Steam, and also makes game load times considerably quicker.

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