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Leo says another option is T-Mobile's unlimited texting and data plan that costs a month and has about 100 minutes of talk time.The chatroom says that he can buy a new i Pod Touch running i OS 8 for 0.Visit Stack Exchange The last i OS release available for i Pod touch 4th generation is i OS 6.1.6.If you have a Mac or PC handy, you can install i Tunes and restore the i OS firmware using it.According to the official Apple site, the i OS 4 software is not compatible with the first-generation i Pod Touch.However, the 3.1 software update is available in the i Tunes Store, and costs .95 as of July 2010.The i Tunes program will direct you to the i Tunes Store, which will ask to charge your i Tunes account for the price of the 3.1 software update.Enter your i Tunes ID password, and click "Buy." Leave the i Pod Touch connected to your computer, and wait for the 3.1 software installation to complete.

It seems likely that Apple will want to ensure that the lowest-end i Phone that it sells still offers better performance than the latest i Pod Touch, particularly given that even the lowest-end i Phone tends to be pricier than the highest-end i Pod Touch.

Open the i Tunes program on your computer, and wait for the program to detect your i Pod Touch.

The i Pod Touch will appear in the i Tunes' source list, on the left side of the program window, when it is detected.

Beyond that strategic utility, there's also the simple fact that the i Pod Touch doesn't require a lot of incremental investment.

The devices tend to recycle components and technologies that were developed for the company's i Phone product lines, and their product cycles are very long (Apple last updated the i Pod Touch in July of 2015); so even if i Pod Touch sales aren't A new i Pod Touch isn't going to be a game changer for Apple stock: The total market for such products just isn't that large, and over time, I think the trend is still down.

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