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If anyone has that to download or a link please email me at [email protected] i really cannot find it!Thank you I have lost the cd for my Sony minidisc MXN420D.Thank you' LUKE SKYWALKER' Could you please send me an email as you said you had downloaded Version 1.5 of Sonicstage and is exactly what i need, Could you please tell me where you got it from or please send a link. I tried to send a private message to ask but you wont allow.Well, I got a MD walkman MZ-NH700 about 6 months ago and finally thought about installing Sonic Stage.but then again, you have to choose your walkman type. the only option left for me is buy the CREATIVE ZEN TOUCH... that fookin sonicstage kept crashin thrice or more every disc i tried to write... When I work in Sonic Stage and transfer music files everything looks fine but when i unplug it there is always that error.If any of you have any solition, i would be grateful.Sonic Stage is a full-featured tool which will allow you to manage your audio files collection with no problem.Create your own music library, play your music files with its built-in player which supports the most-know formats and some other ones which are not so well-known.

Maybe it will be useless, but It can help anybody here.When you'll use it, you'll be able to choose a normal interface or a reduced one which only features the most usual controls.That's really useful if you don't want to have an interface full of buttons you will not use. Sonic Stage was actually a failed attempt by Sony to create a proprietary music format while fighting against Apple.Although there have been changes to the way Sony deals with file formats, Sonic Stage is still sometimes required for owners of older model MP3 players produced by Sony.

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I really wish I'd just got an i Pod tho by the sounds of all the trouble Sonic Stage seems to cause.

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