Updating multiple blogs at once

Remove the code on the Oncheck of the checkbox control mentioned above. Value=true), Patch(Checklist Items Source, Look Up(Checklist Items Source, Id = Id Text.

Write the following formula on the On Select event of the Done Button. Text),)) Here you are directly applying the filter on the Gallery’s items to find the checked items, and for each record in the filtered items, we find a match on the Checklist Items Source table by comparing the Id with value stored in Id Text label. The Disambiguation operator cannot be used on the Gallery’s items.

When the user clicks Done in the above scenario, we need to update Checklist Items Source with changes from Checked Items collection.

If your Source and Destination have the same column names, you can use a simple Patch statement.

I’ve detailed out different solutions to achieve this in the blog below. When you are done with a few tasks you can mark them as complete.

You could extend this scenario to a Product Launch checklist, Home Inspection checklist and so on.

The disambiguation operator is used when two columns belonging to different tables have the same name.

We have a simple 2 screen application Every time a checklist item is checked, we add it into a collection Checked Items using the below formula on the On Check event of Checkbox control. Id)), Remove(Checked Items, This Item), Collect(Checked Items, This Item)) Solutions Below, I’ve explained the different ways of bulk updating records depending on the scenario.

If the item is already checked and is part of the collection, it’s removed. You can toggle the status between Done and Pending, on the Oncheck and On Uncheck events as well. I’ve also provided details on creating multiple records at once.

And on Submit, we use For All with patch to update the Source collection.

For All(New Checklist Items, Patch(Checklist Items Source, Defaults(Checklist Items Source),)) For each item in the New Checklist Items, we are creating a new record (indicated by Defaults(Checklist Items Source)) in the Checklist Items Source collection.

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I’ve created a simple checklist where I can check off tasks related to my blogging or posting on social media.

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