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We also need this to be fixed since we need to release it in 2 months.hey frnds, Firstly I pick the records from the databse into the Data Grid View, Then I want that If we made changes to the records in the Grid View & Click on Update Button, Changes are Reflected into the Datbase . View Model Base is nothing but the class will just notify property changes to the View through the INotify Property Changed interface.Instead of inheriting the INotify Property Changed interface to both View Model and Model. One interesting aspect of View Model Base is that it provides the ability to verify that a property with a given name actually exists on the View Model object. View Model will have the observablecollection of elements to update the View with the Model class.

4) If the work thread add new rows to the Data Table, then the new row will not shown on the Data Grid.Note: The Tables member of Data Set represents all Data Table objects attached to a Data Set. Adding a Data Row to a Data Table In this example, I'll show you how to add edit, and remove, data from the Northwind database.Listing 5-46 Creates a new Data Row, sets the data of Data Row members, and adds rows to the table using the Add method of Data Table. I'll display the result of the Customers table in a Data Grid after adding, updating, and deleting data from the table.The thing is, routed commands are not always great fit for MVVM development.Because if we used the Routed Command, we need to use a Command Binding somewhere in the UI in order to connect a Visual Element to the respective command.

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