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However without the actual DDL it is impossible to add anything else, there are too many factors in a LOB construct to offer more than this limited information.

update tabclob set msg_nw = XMLQUERY('copy $res := $i modify (for $j in $res/Values/record/record/array/record/record/record/value[@name="IDNumber"] return replace value of node $j with "111111111") return $res' PASSING xmltype(msg) AS "i" RETURNING CONTENT)Clob Val() where contains(msg,'') Thank you all for your help.

I setup scheduler job to run schema statistic analyze to help the performance. If you over simplify your example you will get suggestions that don't necessarily work with the code you haven't told us about.

I ran analyze statistics couple times and somehow the INDEX RANGE SCAN was used instead of full table scan. You should be using the dbms_stats package to gather stats these days (and that's been the case since at least version 10).

SQL SELECT * FROM voyagers; ID DETAILS ---------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 aaaaaaaaaaa 2 abbbbbbbbbbbbffffffeee 100 The ship has left san diego okinawa on nov SQL DECLARE PROCEDURE replace Str ( param_id IN NUMBER, param_search Str IN VARCHAR2, param_new Str IN VARCHAR2 ) IS BEGIN UPDATE VOYAGERS SET details = REGEXP_REPLACE ( details , param_search Str , param_new Str , 1 , 0 ) WHERE id = param_id; END; BEGIN replace Str ( 100, ' ' ); END; / SELECT * FROM voyagers; PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. It was updating old sring with new string to the extent of same number of characters as old one the rest of the characters were being ignored.

INSERT statement to insert data into a CLOB column.

Hi, using Result Set.update Character Stream to update a CLOB is very slow.

Most of the time is spent in method Pg Result Updateable because the table has a primary key but doesn't have a "oid" column.

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