Updating artwork on iphone

In one click it’ll identify and replace all of the artwork issues across your library.

The key to Tune Up’s software though is that it analyzes the songs for their acoustic footprints rather than just relying on metadata.

When you buy music from the i Tunes Store or other online music stores or add songs from streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify to your library, the songs or albums come with album art — the equivalent of an album cover or CD booklet cover for the digital age.In some versions of i Tunes, a window pops up letting you know that you have to send information about your library to Apple to get album artwork but that Apple doesn't store that information.There's no way around this; Apple needs to know what music you have to send you the art for it. In some versions, the status window at the top of i Tunes shows a progress bar as it scans your library for albums and downloads the correct art from i Tunes.The art is automatically downloaded, categorized, and added to the correct songs.You don't have to do anything other than wait for the process to complete.

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