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This was a series on the “WB” called “Safe harbor.” Later on in the year 2002, she managed to feature in a TV series called “Noah Knows Best” which featured on Nickelodeon. In 2016 Torrey won an award in the Prestige Film Awards in the category of Voice Over Talent in “Road to hope” which was a major achievement in her career.

She starred in the movie “Killer Movie” alongside her ex-husband, Paul Wesley in 2008. Miss De Vitto began to date Paul Wesley who was her colleague and co-star in the movie “killer movie” in 2007.

It’s worth noting that her father was a drummer for famous musician celebrity, Billy Joel.

Torrey isn’t the only child in the family as she has a sibling whose older than her. She also has two more sisters who are younger than her.

She went to Youngsville Elementary School where she would play the violin so well by the age of twelve.

She is best known for the character that she played in the hit TV show called, “Pretty Little Liars.” The character she played there was as Melissa Hastings. Meredith Fell for the hit CW drama series, “The Vampire Diaries.” Many were delighted to see her act naturally in different roles, making her one of the most versatile actresses there is.They spent a lot of time touring as a family, and they spent all Thanksgiving celebrations with Billy Joel.Torrey De Vitto created a warm bond with Billy’s daughter, Alexa and they grew up as good friends and created many memories together.Torrey De Vitto is a well-known 35- year-old American personality.She is popularly known for her role in acting, music, fashion modeling, and philanthropy.

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She was born in Huntington which is on Long Island in New York.

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