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So there you have it: if you're self-medicating with smoking, booze, and work, maybe it's time to think about changing up your life.

And if you move in the right direction, you might end up very successful and married with children to a Super Bowl champion.

She’s married, and she’s starring in a long-lasting TV show.

Moynahan married Andrew Frankel, a New York businessman, in 2015, reported Page Six.

Or you'll be very successful and casually dating a model half your age.

A 2016 article in People Magazine reported that Moynahan and Brady built a “stable family” with their son, John Edward Thomas, then 3, and Brady’s wife and other children. Tom Brady posted a photo tribute to his son on Instagram in August 2017, writing, “10 years ago you came into our lives and brought so much joy and love!!“She is an actress, known for with Christopher Meloni,” the CBS biography says. According to People, she tweeted congratulations to Brady after his team won the 2015 Super Bowl.Moynahan’s tweets have been political, criticizing President Donald Trump.magazine got a preview of, Bündchen says, "No longer numbing myself with smoking, drinking and too much work, I was becoming more and more aware of things that I’d chosen not to look at." Damn. The couple stayed together for five years before breaking things off in 2005, saying the two of them wanted different things. magazine, except the full interview doesn't come out until February 8.) Of course, the "he" she is referring to is Di Caprio, who has a bit of a history of dating models and vaping at music festivals. The need for a reevaluation came in Bündchen's 20s, while she was navigating bouts of depression during her relationship with Di Caprio.

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