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Approximate value—allows us to compare players from different positions.

Tenure is included since a B-plus player for 11 seasons might be better than, say, seven years of an A-minus.

Tom Brady might be the greatest player in NFL history, but you can replace the "might be" with "unquestionably is" when looking for the best player ever to suit up for the New England Patriots.

While Brady's spot in the all-time Patriots rankings is obvious, filling out the top 10 isn't easy.

He was named the 1964 AFL Player of the Year, accounting for 155 points that season.

He spent his entire 15-year career with New England and is still the franchise leader in punt-return yards (2,625).

Both fell outside the top 10, but if either one had made the cut, it would've been Gostkowski.

Steve Grogan and Drew Bledsoe, QBFor many franchises, Grogan and Bledsoe would be near-locks for a spot in the top 10.

Each threw for more than 25,000 yards and 165 touchdowns in New Englandnumbers on par with what Joe Namath and Troy Aikman did in their respective careers.

But it's hard to be impressed by either one when juxtaposed with what Tom Brady has accomplished.

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