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The archaeological levels are intercalated in sequences that comprise aeolian silts and colluvial units separated by interglacial luvisols.The pedostratigraphic context of the two sites has provided a rare opportunity to propose a reliable chronostratigraphic framework in this area.In recent years, research on lithic assemblages of the Aquitaine basin prior to MIS 5 has broadened considerably in part because of a new manner to look at the anciently excavated series (Mourre and Colonge 2007), but also thanks to recent discoveries mostly due to archaeological rescue works (Bourguignon . The diversity at a regional scale of the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic industries has long been emphasized (Bordes 1971; Villa 1981; Jaubert and Servelle 1996; Colonge and Mourre 2009).In this context the techno-cultural originality of the Acheulean of the Pyrenees-Garonne region, characterised by chaînes opératoires of large blank production (over 15 cm) and by the presence of cleavers ).

This series corresponds to the Early Middle Palaeolithic and contains rare bifaces similar to its counterparts in the Aquitaine basin (Jarry 2010).These palaeosols testify to soil-forming periods similar to the present and are thus considered as interglacial ranking.They each show distinct characteristics, in their colour as well as by the clayey illuviation.These colluvial deposits are locally cryoturbated ; A buried illuvial horizon (IIBTg), bright brown (7.5YR) 0.5 to 1 m thick.The upper limit shows tongues and is locally rich in Fe-Mn concretions.

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