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Not much is known about these performers' repertoire and few written texts survive.One of the most famous of the secular plays is the musical Le Jeu de Robin et Marion, written by Adam de la Halle in the 13th century, which is fully laid out in the original manuscript with lines, musical notation, and illuminations in the margins depicting the actors in motion.One of the earliest surviving secular plays in English is The Interlude of the Student and the Girl (c. Due to a lack of surviving records and texts, a low literacy rate of the general population, and the opposition of the clergy to some types of performance, there are few surviving sources on Medieval drama of the Early and High Medieval periods.However, by the late period, drama and theatre began to become more secularized and a larger number of records survive documenting plays and performances.The theatre itself was viewed as a diabolical threat to Christianity because of its continued popularity in Rome even among new converts.

They were first published in 1501 and had considerable influence on religious and didactic plays of the sixteenth century. 1179), a Benedictine abbess, who wrote a Latin musical drama called Ordo Virtutum in 1155.Under these influences, the church set about trying to suppress theatrical spectacles by passing laws prohibiting and excluding Roman actors.They were forbidden to have contact with Christian women, own slaves, or wear gold.Efforts were made in many countries through this period to not only convert Jews and pagans but to destroy pre-Christian institutions and influences.Works of Greek and Roman literature were burnt, the thousand-year-old Platonic Academy was closed, the Olympic Games were banned and all theatres were shut down.

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