The dating wizard seduction mastery apprenticeship program

It's packed with immediately applicable insights that men can start using to meet women the very day they get the book.

CD series - The Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program CD Set is an in-depth program that teaches men the most advanced concepts for attracting women in all situations, from that first moment a man walks up to a woman, all the way to keeping the attraction long term.

"Expounding the truth of men not needing to 'put on a show' or needing 'pre-set pickup lines', and emphasizing self-understanding and how men can make simple, and often minor changes to their personal habits and approaches to women for maximum effect, to begin to date the real women they are attracted to, is simply outstanding advice and help that is published every week.

"And a recent ' Quick Poll' asking a Love Links visitors how well they rate themselves in making their first impression showed that over 70% of respondents felt they were at best 50/50 in their attempts to impress the opposite sex at first glance.

a Love Links, a leader in the online dating industry, is proud to sponsor The Dating Wizard's "Secrets to Success with Women" Contest.

One winner will receive a copy of the highly successful ebook "Secrets to Success with Women" to be drawn May 31 2007.

These things FURTHER improve women's "attraction power"!

A fantastic woman who has got it all and who has CHOICES, demands to be with the kind of man who has DONE this work on himself.

He must DESTROY his fears, especially all his fears regarding every element of approaching women, attracting women, and escalating things physically with women.

When a man has all these fears vanquished from his mind, he is also able to spark emotions such as intrigue, adventure, and mystery, and he enhances the level of sexuality and intimacy that women experience with him.

(This is an advanced program that covers every area of dating and attraction, including developing a razor sharp sense of humor, to acquiring unstoppable confidence and impeccable rapport skills, to developing an unbeatable sense of style, to learning how to intensify the sexual experience for a woman so that a man will feel full confidence in the bedroom as well, and much more.) Bootcamps - This experience, known as The Real World Bootcamp, is a "hands-on" method of instruction and the most intense of all the programs.

It takes men out for one-one-one training into real venues such as lounges, bookstores, cafes, and coffee shops where they will be shown, hands-on, with real women, how to actually approach women and attract them in real time.

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The Dating Wizard's "Secrets to Success with Women" a Love Links Contest Information: The contest runs from May 7 1200 Noon Pacific time until May 31 2007 am Pacific time.

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