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If you are more serious about finding that ideal partner, looking for love rather than a Lothario, then online dating can be a great investment.

They are now travelling between their two homes but hope soon to find a way to live together permanently in one place. “I totally recommend it and keep telling my friends to try it,” he says.There aren’t many other people who would relish the thought of running off the top of a mountain, so thanks for giving us the means to find each other.” “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Tigger turns out to be Virginia Mills, a sporty 37-year-old equity derivatives analyst from London who really does go by the name of Tigger.They make an attractive couple and it takes ony a few minutes to realise how well suited they are.There are plenty of ‘free’ dating sites out there, and it can be tempting to keep your wallet in your pocket and dip your toes in the pool of internet suitors without spend.However, ‘suitors’ may be a generous term for the people found on these sites, which often feel like virtual dating markets for the young and, frankly, frivolous.

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