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It’s been a long and tough slog to reach marriage equality and we feel so lucky to live in the time where it’s finally a reality!

It took a little while for Mel and Tegan to realise to realise they were meant to be together – three years in fact!He has an incredible effect on me, I instantly become more romantic when Bruce is on. This has lowered my expectations of man in a lot of way. Second month: parental controls turned up high on your computer to avoid masochistic online stalking or moments of weakness with drunk dialing/texting/emailing. Take the look to the salon and pull yourself together. But I have to say that it’s in airports you often see incredible acts of kindness. It’s like my life was stolen from me and Ariel decided to write it out and pretend it was her life. Great books for anyone but if you’re between the ages of 13-30 and a girl and gay… Mel knew that a white dress wasn’t for her, but also didn’t see herself walking down in a dress and thanks to a good friend, found someone who could make exactly what she wanted.We tried to use people we knew for all aspects of our wedding, including the wedding cakes and the cookies.

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When we visited the Log Cabin Ranch we instantly loved it!

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