Teenagers emotional maturity in dating

Recognizing that you aren’t going to die if you are emotionally hurt is a part of growing up and realizing that even if you do get hurt, it is a part of growing.[Read: How to stop selfish people from hurting you] #5 Empathy. Although you are not necessarily in the same position when you have empathy for another, you can literally feel the emotions of the people around you. Do I think before I act in order to make the best choices? Am I able to accept responsibility for my mistakes? Empathy is the ability to walk a day in someone else’s shoes.What that means is that you can see someone else’s situation and realize that we all have our own challenges and that no one has it easier.

It takes someone with emotional maturity to recognize that sometimes to find love, you have to give it, and that may take putting yourself out there to be hurt to gain something.

Do I stand behind my decisions and trust my instincts?

Am I tuned into other peoples' needs as well as my own?

Time flies - we all know that; one day we're a teenager, and the next, we can't believe how teenagers are dressing.

As we move into and live our adult lives, our circumstances change; we live in the grown-up world with grown-up responsibilities, jobs and children.

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