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The two cited unspecified personal reasons as the cause of their break-up, although it was speculated that Min-ho’s mandatory military public service may be the reason.Netizens are asking who will Suzy’s next “victim” be.

“I don’t get why people hate on Suzy like come on, she dated 2 guys and broke up, what’s wrong with that.She wanted to build a successful career in TV, being something she would dream of as a child.Suzy states the following with regard to this: Suzy eventually came into the public eye when she began her modelling career. Soon enough, she earned her first role on television – becoming a sports TV host in her native Brazil.And the sad thing is, most of the mean comments are from women.I mean aren’t women supposed to support fellow women.

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In 2018, Suzy also dated actor Lee Dong Wook for 4 months before they broke up on July.

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