Sophos 10 configure updating greyed out

Clicks the security dialog buttons automatically, but can be set to start in a suspended state.

Developers can activate and suspend automatic clicking of the security dialogs programmatically.

You will see files like iupd, idata , ischedlocal , iconn etc etc. Edit/Open file iconn (using wordpad) and locate the string Allow Local Config = 0 and using Ctrl H find Allow Local Config = 0 strings in the file and replace them with Allow Local Config = 1. Now you sould be all set and not see greyed out “Configure Update” options.

Do not play around with login information, just enable or change the minutes/frequency of when updates are to be performed and you are all set to use Sophos the way it was meant to be without your University having control over how often you should be updating your virus definations.

I want to check in the console if the proper setting is there to grey those boxes out, but I don't know where to look. If you do both, are your clients without the greyed out boxes showing up as following all policies from your enterprise console? Edit: I also wonder if the local user is in any of the Sophos groups on the computer and if that could be causing what you are seeing. Turns out their instructions for manually creating a standalone installer are ridiculously confusing. But I finally got it to work after about the sixth time...

Navigate to %Program Data\Sophos\Auto Update\data and delete machine_

With the Anniversary Update, are Office updates now automatically included in Windows Updates?

Sophos is provided free to students going to universities, for example university of saskatchewan or Uof S provides free Sophos use on students/faculties/staff computers at home.

To begin, open a new version of your OS Layer and create the following local Groups: Next create a user account. Next browse to %Program Data%\Sophos\Auto Update\Config and open in notepad. Open Reg Edit and navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Sophos\Auto Update\Service. Replace the existing value with the value you copied from

Keep a secure note of the password and make sure the password is long. Next click Download User and replace the existing value with the name of the local Sophos account you created in the OS Layer.

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