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I'm a brother, guncle, GBF, bestie, and most recently have been dubbed "The Playboy".I must say "The Playboy" seems kind of fitting given that I'm the only gay male of the group.I spent my pre-high school years as the "teacher's pet" and the "cool white boy nerd" that everybody liked.I was fortunate to not be that nerd that everyone picked on.My mother and sister of course replied, "'s about time." I always felt comfortable introducing my boyfriends to the family. I went to Southern Decadence in New Orleans, twice.I know for most of you that's a huge step, but for me it's more of formality. For those of you who don't know, Southern Decadence is basically a gay Mardi Gras combined with every white party, red party, or any other circuit party you can think of.I came out to my family and friends during my Sophomore year and the rest is history.

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I don't know if I would consider myself a playboy these days, but if you knew me 10-12 year ago, I was definitely living the life of a twenty-something gay playboy. I was born on the west coast (too young to remember).

I spent my adolescent and young adult years in South Carolina with a few stops in North Carolina and Georgia during my pre-pubescent years.

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Sooo it has been a while since my last post, I have not disappeared or anything still here on planet earth.

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Every girl wanted to date him and every guy wanted to be him.

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  1. Stereotypically, he's good looking, popular, and successful. This same concept applies to job seekers - many people are attracted to jobs with the "hot" companies, only to find out they aren't the best fit for them.