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Still better and more secure than any other cash alternative and with a much higher limit.With withdrawal costing just 3 month's interest and the amount withdrawn this is about as good as it gets for cash in 2018.Cialis Extra Dosage is indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.Cialis Extra Dosage works faster than other ED drugs and lasts for an extended period of time.Names such as BHS, Carilion and Tata Steel come to mind..* Didin't know the government pension had surpluses ?Savers who are persuaded to transfer their pensions to liberation schemes (before the age of 55) face losing more than half of their savings in tax penalties.But the court case could see liberation operations declared "invalid" pension schemes, which would in effect ban them from operating. What happens to your pension when you die Hargreaves Lansdown have excellent aricles to help you make decisions e.g.

Scheduled changes to the Government’s flagship pension saving programme, “automatic enrolment”, came into effect from April 2018 Previousy, employers had to contribute 1pc of a staff member’s salary to a pension, and individuals must save an additional 1pc, unless they chose to opt out.Even so, with more people living longer it is thought that this will not be sufficient to provide more than a basic retirement.All kinds of promises were being made by the various parties in the run up to the election.If this sum had been wisely invested in stocks over the years it would have exceded the inflation rate many times over. George Osborne is no longer Chancellor and Baroness Altman is no longer chief honcho on pensions, Since leaving the position she has indicated that the Triple Lock Pension guarantee may not be sustainable in the long term, Since 2010, the "triple-lock" policy has meant state pensions rise by the inflation rate, average earnings or 2.5% - whichever is highest.Although Downing Street has reiterated its commitment to the Triple Lock, Baroness Altman pointed out that in a low, nil or negative inflation rate, promising a 2.5% increase would cost billions, which might not be justifiable. However, the latest by Philip Hammond in 2016 indicated that the Triple Lock will remain for the current parliament (i.e.

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