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Montreal boasts a slew of home-grown talent too, though it isn’t exactly a performer’s dream location.

According to Shana Lane, an eight-year industry vet, "It’s difficult for girls to be able to live on porn work alone. It’s a bit of a catch-22; the talent wants a certain amount, and the Montreal producer can’t afford to pay because the [production] demand just isn’t there." One way she plans on beefing up Montreal's stake on the performing map and fixing this dilemma is by starting her own studio.

As Catherine Dunn, Mind Geek's vice president, told the Financial Post last month, “We’ve got some of the best minds in software engineering and programming, and that is in part due to Montreal’s reputation as ‘Silicon Valley North.'" But there are other local companies that play a big role too, according to Strauss.

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With such a competitive and fast-evolving landscape that serves a demanding client base, it’s no wonder that these adult film companies are quickly becoming some of the world’s most innovative tech companies.

Ever see the episode when Pied Piper flirted with the idea of adult film server compression before hitting an accidental button deleted the company's hundreds of thousands of assets? (Sort of.) Look no further than virtual reality live-cam shows for proof of how important a role tech plays in the future of the porn industry.

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