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For Kawai upright pianos, the serial number is located in one of two places: (1) the top right side of the iron plate (near the tuning pins) or (2) at the top center of the plate between the bass and treble sections.

You can normally find it easily by lifting the piano lid.

Well here’s how it works: If you own a 1999 Suzuki GSX-R600X the X at the end tells us it was sold as a 1999 model year.

Likewise, if you own a 2000 Yamaha YZ125M the M at the end of the model name indicates it was sold as a 2000 model.

The serial numbers listed are the approximate first number produced for the year shown.

The serial number identifies the year an instrument was manufactured and is the key to all future warranty service and repair (if needed).

Its location varies depending on the type of instrument.

The serial number on YAMAHA VERTICAL PIANOS is stamped on the gold colored plate on the inside of the piano as illustrated in the vertical piano picture.

The serial number can be seen by opening the toplid of the piano and looking inside.

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