Sagatarius sign for dating

Once in the relationship keep that air of mystery going.

Keep a few juicy secrets under your hat and show the Archer your strength and ability to sway others.

Wild and wonderful sums up what you want out of sex.

There is literally little too “out there” for the Archer.

As with the dating game, the best way to get an Archer in bed is to pretend like it’s the last thing on your mind.

Rather, take them outdoors for a long walk or some type of physical activity.

If you’re the mushy type and prone to bouts of crying, stay far away because a Sagittarian hates neediness.

They also discover someone who, deep down, feels trepidation about obligations and commitment.

When you can get your Sagittarius to sit down, engage them in in-depth discussions about his or her areas of interest.

Keep your end of the conversation light, show courtesy to everyone around you and grow a funny bone!

Woe to the partner who can’t keep up with you – that’s a deal breaker.

As the partner to a Sagittarius you’ll find they take a slow, seductive approach.

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You’ll need all of these aptitudes to keep this open-minded Archer happy.

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