Rules for dating russian men

Normally I would have burst into a radiant smile in an effort to flirt our way into the joint, but this was against the rules.

And so, I decided to ask for a little bit of help from my friends. Immediately, I knew that my investigation was over.

Too hot for blazers or booties, I dug up a Dries Van Noten sample sale skirt that only fits me on leap days, pairing it with a lace camisole normally reserved for non-celibate sleeping – because what is a Monday night if a prime opportunity to wear your lingerie in public?

The already questionable chiffon and silk concoction was topped off by an old blazer with sheer sleeves that made me feel even more like the bottom of a Victoria’s Secret bargain bin.

I turned around to see a good-looking Russian man standing in front of me.

He looked like somebody with a criminal record, exactly what the doctor had ordered.

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