Rules about dating guys

If you spent time doing your makeup and putting on your favourite outfit, you already know you look good.

Don't spend your whole date thinking about how your lipstick is holding up or if your hair has gotten frizzy.

If they don't answer that one definitely don't send them multiple messages until they answer, that's just pushing it.

Everyone likes to be teased at least a little bit by the person they like.

You can obviously drink however much you want, I don't want to be a nagging parent here, but your date might be a little turned off if you're slurring your words by the end of the evening.

People are generally insecure when flirting, so if you go and flirt with their best friend, it only makes this insecurity worse. If she asks you, don't lie and tell her what she wants to hear, be honest!

It also makes a girl think you're not actually interested in her, which is clearly the opposite of what you want. Try to avoid complimenting her body as much as possible.

Women are just as able to pay for their own dinner or drink as the man is, so if he reaches for the bill, offer to split with him.

If he insists then say thank you and offer to get the next one.

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Always have a plan for what you want to do on your date.

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