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Dorothy Layton Dorothy Layton, the Hollywood movie actress worked during the arrival of the sound era with some of the greatest comedians of the day including Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chase."Laurel was the brains behind the genius of Laurel and Hardy," she said in December 2003."I heard rumors of fights between them but never witnessed anything to suggest their relationship was anything but professional.She appeared in the 1932 line-up with Ginger Rogers, Mary Carlisle, Eleanor Holm, Gloria Stuart and Toshi Mori.Soon after Dorothy Layton featured in MGM movies and signed a contract to Hal Roach Studios, who had brought 'Our Gang', Harold Lloyd and Laurel and hardy to the screen.As a child she became well traveled, her father was one of three founders of the Western Southern Life Insurance Company and the family moved frequently finally settling in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

He was educated at Belle Vue Boys' Grammar School in Bradford and studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts where he won the Emile Littler award.Without Marchetti there was no Schulberg and with no agent in tow Dorothy saw most her film offers and friends disappear.She made her last film for Hal Roach playing Billy Gilbert's secretary in 'Fallen Arches' (1933) and Louis Lewyn's epic 'Hollywood on Parade' (1933) with Johnny Mack Brown and Mary Pickford, after which she quit.She then became involved with mobster Lucky Luciano hers was a tragic end."Hal Roach cast Dorothy Layton opposite Laurel and Hardy in 'The Chimp' (1932), 'Country Hospital' (1932), and as Muriel Evans bridesmaid in 'Pack Up Your Troubles' (1932) - one of the screen duo's most memorable features.Dorothy and Muriel Evans (who was signed to MGM as a Featured Player in 1931) were teamed a second time for the Charlie Chase comedy 'Young Ironsides' (1932).

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