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The Commission will have observers stationed where it deems necessary.(3) The Government of India will undertake to ensure that the Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir will take all measures within their power to make it publicly known that peace, law and order will be safeguarded and that all human and political rights will be guaranteed. (1) Upon signature, the full text of the Truce Agreement or communique containing the principles thereof as agreed upon between the two Governments and the Commission, will be made public.“After much striving in the international arena, Migrante International joins other Human Rights groups in welcoming the adoption by the [UNHRC] of the resolution calling for a comprehensive report on the bloody human-rights record of the Duterte regime,” the group said.“This would impute accountability to the government as it gets compelled to allow independent investigations to be carried out so that perpetrators will finally be brought to justice,” it added.

[C] The Commanders-in-Chief of the Forces of India and Pakistan shall promptly confer regarding any necessary local changes in present dispositions which may facilitate the cease-fire.

In a rare move, the UN’s Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar returned to those communities and reported back to them.

3 June 2019 "The truth can be recovered" - the methodology behind fact-finding in Myanmar Human rights experts of the UN fact-finding mission on Myanmar reveal the methodology they used to assess the credibility of allegations against Myanmar authorities.

29 August 2018 Investigation of alleged human rights violations and abuses against the Rohingya An independent fact-finding mission begins an inquiry into alleged human rights violations and abuses in Myanmar.

MANILA, Philippines — “The day of reckoning is at hand!

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