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By now I have orbited many times around the honeycombed complex of registration desks, prep rooms, and staging areas, potted plants and bubbling aquariums.I have sat in the infusion lounge, where twenty poles rise like trees beside twenty upholstered recliners, each pole hung with a fat plastic udder feeding gemcitabine or cisplatin into someone’s arm: the unnaturally cheerful evangelist minister; the gray-faced Vietnam vet wearing his American Legion hat and windbreaker, as if he were going off to another war.He explained to me, with a strange enthusiasm, that his doctors had cut out and then reversed his rectum, and now they would not discharge him until he could pass gas for himself.That’s why he was out walking so vigorously each night.

Neither money nor education, greed nor ambition, can alter the facts.You may be too sick to talk, but you can watch them and learn.Your attention is made keen by need and by your intimate dependence upon these inexhaustibly kind strangers.It is true that you may not have previously considered these people your compatriots.But now you have more in common with them than with your oldest childhood friends. More good news: now that you are sick, you have time to think.

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