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Chuck Woolery created his trademark phrase "We'll be back in two and two" on this show (and simultaneously on Scrabble (1984), the daytime game show he hosted on NBC during the same period).

The line referred to the fact that the program would return in two minutes and two seconds, the total length of a standard commercial break at the time, including the fade-out and fade-ins bookending each break.

Talking about the exes, Jordan also has an ex named Laurel Stucky, age 34, who won the show of Free agents show in 2014.

The Top 100 is an alphabetical list of the Greatest Gameshows, as measured by visits to the UKGameshows website between July 2006 and January 2012.

It reflects searches on our website, visits from dedicated search engines, and links from other web pages.

Meanwhile, Tori is engaged to Jordan, they both have past and that doesn’t matter to them because they live in present now. Tori, Jordan’s Fiancé has no comments on his past relationship with Laurel in 2014 since it was 5 years ago.

There was some criticism on their engagement ring not being too expensive and Tori defending that it’s not about the ring but the bond they have is special and she likes it being simple yet classy.

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