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Paul Reubens: “I probably have become more infamous from two misdemeanors than probably anyone i could think of.” Given the nature of the charges and his notoriety as a children's icon, to think he wasn't headed for the list of Hollywood's most notorious would have made Reubens almost as naive as the character he plays.Reubens: “I always viewed Pee-Wee Herman as somebody with a really good heart, but like, you know didn't have a clue about a lot of things.He landed a recurring role on the popular sitcom Murphy Brown.

He also spent his half of the career within the Oneonta, New York for his career within the entertainment industry.

His progressive career and professionalism are popular in the social media and to the public but if personal life is equally different and secret than that of it.

Paul Reubens' net worth is around million at present that is expected to get increased with the proper sum of an amount that will be more in the future years with high salary.

, 30 Rock, Dirt, Pushing Daisies, and The Blacklist since 2006.

He was arrested in Sarasota, Florida for masturbating during a film at an adult movie theater while visiting with relatives in July 1991.

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