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If you met online, an easy go-to icebreaker is asking your date about something specific from their dating profile.“Being sincerely interested about something that caught your eye on their dating profile can show your date that you are intrigued and want to know more,” J. Kirkwood, certified relationship coach and author of , tells Bustle.“Be interested in them and ask questions about the light-hearted stuff, such as how they got into the city or where they found parking,” Mathur tells Bustle.

“Whether someone has traveled, wants to, or doesn’t want to, it’s a simple way to find how cultured and worldly someone’s personality is,” Edwards says.

“Whether it was a boss in a previous job, a mentor, or a relative, asking your date about their role model(s) lets you sit back and listen as someone talks about someone who’s meaningful in their life,” Spira says.

“Plus, you’ll see how it carved out the foundation of who they are today.”A lot of people have passion projects that they do for free, so now’s your chance to see what your date does in their spare time — and what they’d do as a job for free.

“The cats-or-dogs question will get those out of the way,” Bennett says.

Having similar taste in music can help you and a date bond, and if you ask them about the last concert they went to — or even the best concert they ever went to — it can help you learn more about them.

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