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The following steps are required to add a label to your interface: Specifies the content of the label.Set the mode to Plain to display the label’s content with a uniform appearance.Character wrap and word wrap are most commonly applied to multiline labels and determine the position of line breaks between consecutive lines.Select word wrap to place line breaks at word boundaries, or character wrap to insert line breaks in words.Controls the horizontal alignment of the text within the label.Choose left, right, center, justified, or natural, which chooses either left or right depending on the current localization of the app.Set the mode to Attributed to apply styling attributes selectively within the string.

You can add labels to your interface programmatically or by using Interface Builder.

Attempting to read or update the UI from a completion handler may cause problems.

At the same time I try to run another thread, to update label text like "...% completed".

The default value is None, which maintains the top of the text’s bounding box.

Access this value at runtime with the Specifies what happens when a line is too long for the label’s bounds.

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The Main Thread Checker is a standalone tool for Swift and C languages that detects invalid usage of App Kit, UIKit, and other APIs on a background thread.

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