Norton not updating virus definitions

These virus definitions are applicable to all Symantec security software utilities, such as Nortin Security, Security with Backup, Anti Virus / Internet Security, 360, Endpoint Protection, Protection Engine, Mail Security for Domino, and Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange.You just have to make sure you get the right package for your system's architecture (32 or 64-bit) and Symantec product version (see the Features section for more info about the External mirrors).Under "status" of this particular computer, it says "offline." However, I know that the user is currently logged in and that the machine is turned on..suggestions?On the client try restarting the antivirus service. Try running liveupdate, or download the intelligent updater from symantec.

Specifically designed for such situations, Norton Anti Virus Virus Definitions deploys a package containing the latest virus signatures issued by Symantec, which can be manually installed for various security products.Logged on as an administrator on the client you can run from the run option. here is a link to the updater file: running this This will remove all the reg keys and directorys and files. Also make sure the Server has the same version as the client or lower.Typically when the server is lower than the client the updates wont push.Manually running Live Update may find updates between automatic updates but that doesn't mean automatic updates aren't running.You can check Security History by clicking the "Security" tile and click "History", then choose Live Update from the drop-down menu.

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Hi all, For a couple of days now I've got issues updating virus definitions using liveupdate or using http from the symantec web site.

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