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The Nexus 9's display is also incredibly bright at 455.69cd/m2, making it one of the brightest displays we’ve used.

Black levels were good, too, at 0.38cd/m2 and we measured the screen's contrast ratio as an excellent 1,195:1.

Processor: Dual-core 2.3GHz 64-bit Nvidia Tegra K1 Denver, Screen size: 8.9in, Screen resolution: 2,048x1,536, Rear camera: 8MP, Storage: 16GB, Wireless data: 4G optional, Size: 153.7x8x228.3mm, Weight: 425g, Operating system: Android 5.0 Buy the Google Nexus 9 now from e Bay The Google Nexus 9 was our absolute favourite tablet back in the day.

There's also a brushed metal trim around the edge, which is polished to a silver gleam along its top edge, while the rear casing comes in black, white or sand, although the latter shade is only available on the 32GB model to give it a degree of exclusivity.

They’re small, recessed strips and although they're neatly integrated, they started gathering dust almost immediately, more so than the front-facing speakers of the Nvidia Shield Tablet or even HTC’s own One M8 smartphone, which both use a dotted speaker grille built directly into the front.

When you run your fingers over the Nexus 9’s speaker recesses they also feel sharp, though we suppose that dissuades you from putting your thumbs over them.

The speakers use HTC’s Boom Sound technology and produce decent sound quality, especially for a tablet.

The speakers produce a surprisingly warm sound, at odds with the tinny and harsh audio we're used to from tablet speakers.

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