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He texted her, "I'm so excited, this seems too good to be true lol.You are absolutely stunning."When Pleasants arrived at Union Square Sunday evening around p.m., he told the 's Select All, others of the scammed men said Aponte told them bascially the same thing as Pleasants—show up to Union Square park on Sunday, her friend was DJing, and they'd go out for drinks after.In an interview with, Rob Bliss—director at Rob Bliss Creative, a viral marketing agency that produced the viral video of a woman getting catcalled throughout New York City in 2014—confirmed he created and orchestrated the Tinder stunt.He said the anger Aponte is fielding is "definitely part of the story" he's trying to tell with the project, and that it will all be made clear when a video about the stunt premiers this Thursday, August 23, on Good Morning America.Though I once got a letter in the New Yorker out of it.Of course, that writer got a story in the New Yorker.)Matthew argues that online dating takes the “vulnerability” and “spontaneity” out of romance.Go ahead and take a look if you want to see the array of nasty comments from furious strangers. "It's just an issue we care about and wanted to do something about," he says. But that'll be cleared up Thursday, when the video airs. So—sorry—but we'll all have to wait until Thursday morning when the video premiers on Good Morning America to see what the deal is. But, based on what Bliss has done in the past (namely that infamous catcalling video), I'm guessing it has something to do with proving a point about male outrage, and exposing what women deal with in the depressing rigamarole that is dating.

Rather relevant to this endeavor, so of course I had to read. (Full disclosure: I have a tendency to tear apart the work of young, successful writers because that’s what an immature person does when she is jealous.

a "song of the summer." Instead, as the Cut rightfully decreed, this tuneless summer will forever be known as the Summer of Scam.

People be scammin', people be gettin' scammed, people be searchin' for scams, and, as the latest installment in this abysmal summer shows, people be creatin' scams for the purposes of viral videos.

Until then, the general public is awash in an array of emotions—anger, confusion, more anger, more confusion, and mild disgust.

So here's what's known so far about the Tinder scam that led dozens of men to what's been described as a "Hunger Games"-style dating gauntlet in Union Square park. This all starts months ago with one woman—a model named Natasha Aponte.

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