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What is NOT in question is the continued offense to the Western Apache Peoples.

After 20 years of construction, the large telescope project is still not complete and very serious questions remain about its importance, utility and function from an astronomical perspective.

And someone needs to inform the State Department, which opines that consultation is consent, that consent means consent.” The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Article 11, Section 2, states that countries “shall provide redress through effective mechanisms, which may include restitution, developed in conjunction with indigenous peoples, with respect to their cultural, intellectual, religious and spiritual property taken without their free, prior and informed consent or in violation of their laws, traditions and customs.” The 2015 observances are the thirteenth of the National Prayer Days to Protect Native American Sacred Places. “Congress shouldn’t be in the business of helping big corporations at others’ expense, and it certainly shouldn’t break faith with Native American communities.

Some of the gatherings highlighted in this release are educational forums, not religious ceremonies, and are open to the general public. Since 2005, 12 versions of Rio Tinto’s land exchange legislation have been introduced. However, in December of 2014, the US Congress passed the Oak Flat land exchange after the Arizona US Senators attached the land exchange as a rider to a must-pass defense bill. The conditions of Mount Graham have changed substantially since the permit was granted and the observatory is even less compatible with the religious and ecological importance of Mount Graham. Indeed, preparation of an EIS was more than warranted.Others are ceremonial and may be conducted in private. In the final 13th version that is now law, Oak Flat will remain public land until 60 days after the publishing of a Final Environmental Impact Statement.In addition to those listed below, there will be observances and prayers offered at other sacred places that are under threat and at those not endangered at this time. Rio Tinto estimates that it will take 6 to 8 years for the environmental review process to reach the publishing to a Final Environmental Impacts Statement that would trigger the privatization of Oak Flat.

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President Eisenhower protected much of Oak Flat from mining by executive order in 1955.

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