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The machine must be able to move a ball from one end of the machine to another. Based upon our personalities, individuals process information and communicate important information in vastly different styles.

After the MBTI results are calculated, instructors can illustrate these differences by pairing individuals and instructing them to draw a picture that represents the test they've just taken.

The participants will approach this task from the diametrically opposite points of view.If the instructor pairs a concrete logical thinker with an abstract creative thinker, the two volunteers will organically demonstrate how difficult it can be to communicate with someone who thinks differently.The concrete logical thinker will want the picture to be filled with detailed descriptions while the abstract creative thinker will think in terms of pictures, images and abstract terms.offers the official Myers-Briggs assessment and is designed for individuals looking for their personality type and personal development tips and tools.The site is owned and operated by The Myers-Briggs Company, the exclusive publisher of the MBTI instrument.

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