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Through collaboration with nearby schools and USC, the Lucas Museum aims to become an interactive learning center with film screenings, lectures by well known directors, visual artist residencies, a research library and more, Hobson said.

“We’re going to do something very different, it doesn’t quite exist yet,” Hobson said of the museum, which will join the California Science Center, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and the California African American Museum in the park. We thought that it was in a community where we could make a difference.

We said: “This just could be a hotbed of learning and creativity and inspiration.” Have you talked with the other museums yet about collaborative programming?

We’re not that far along as far as collaborative programming, but we’ve been in conversations with the museums in Exposition Park. We went to Paris and visited everything from the [Fondation] Louis Vuitton to the Paris Cinematheque. We want to make sure that a black kid from South-Central is as comfortable in our museum as an art history student who went to Yale or Princeton.

And Chicago presented us with a site that was really great.

So maybe that’s where I became a bigger part of that story.

Building a museum, we’re going to spend a lot of money, and I want to make sure lots of communities can benefit from that spend. I think the art community here means we’re in good company. From two football teams to maybe the Olympics to a soccer stadium, what you’ve done with public transportation — it feels like the city is seeing around corners.

I know this is for the good of society, so I hope there isn’t someone who hijacks it and takes it away from all of us. We’re happy to be in a community that really wants us. Some people have suggested that you’re the real force behind the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. When he built the Letterman Digital Arts Center [in the Presidio], they asked him to put million into escrow for a museum that would be built one day.Then, when I came along and San Francisco was not going well, I did push for Chicago — hard.That was something George really had to get his brain around. A.’s Exposition Park, where the museum aims to break ground this year.But with those cliches came a slew of questions about what, exactly, Lucas’ museum will be and what art it will house.

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