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Credit Repair Companies: Individuals or companies that promise to "clean up" or "erase" a consumer's bad credit and give him/her a fresh start. Credit Report: A record or file maintained by a credit bureau that contains information about a person, such as where the person works and lives, information from creditors regarding money borrowed and payments made, and public record information, such as whether the person has filed for bankruptcy.

Used by a prospective lender or employer to help determine the creditworthiness of a prospective borrower.

Younger daters are not as concerned about these three digits: 45% of older millennials, defined here as those aged 27 to 36, said they care about these three digits.Credit History: A record of how a consumer has paid credit accounts in the past.It is used as a guide to determine whether the consumer is likely to pay accounts on time in the future.Credit Reporting Agency: A company that gathers, files, and sells information to creditors and/or employers to facilitate their decisions to extend credit or to hire. Credit Risk: The credit industry term meaning the level of risk or likelihood of future default by an individual borrower.Credit Score: A computer-generated number, based on a statistical model that summarizes an individual's credit record and predicts the likelihood that a borrower will repay future obligations.

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