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UPDATE: I pushed the update to a working installation from the e PO console successfully.I was also able to push it to a broken installation and it did restore the update functionality.I searched Mc Afee's website and Googled it as well as searching Experts-Exchange.No luck finding a step by step process for pushing out an update. Greatly appreciate any help :-) Very easy to do, simply create an update task from within e Po saying update all products Then set it to run immediately, and then wake up all agents by choosing system tree, change the group drop down to this group and all subgroups, check all machines and click wake up agents Make sure you have checked the updates in to the master repository first Cheers Si Thank you for the reply.Then had the user run a policy to install the cached installer.Yet for some reason this very specific oddity is the only thing I've found wrong.From my point of view the use of distributed repository is a option if you have more then one location and do not have the bandwidth available (or simply don't want to use it for this purpose) connecting a large number of clients directly to your master server.If you are simply in one office building it's the simplest thing to just directly let them connect to the master server, you can still setup a distributed repository as a failover.

Cached the installer via policy to selected machines.Typically, I have to do 3 to 4 cycles of all of the above steps to get the machines to react properly.I don't know why this occurs the way it does..just does.You should be able to update from the master repository (e PO server) just fine.Make sure that the repository is updated by running the pull task.

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