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I asked Bush about that time in her life, her fondest memories from those two days in the desert, and the performance that blew her away. I was just getting back from hanging and opening my show, “Soundtrack to Nothing”, in Tokyo. They all had their digital cameras and were uploading and sending pictures as fast as they could snap them, so at the time it felt like it rendered my little Polaroid useless. It’s only something that you can really experience by sharing your energy with others and sharing the energy of the rest of the crowd.

Trends come and go, songs are much deeper than the bullshit that surrounds them."The Kooks' album is crammed full of melodic, singalong pop-rock that draws on '60s beat, '70s punk, '80s New Wave and '90s Britpop ("I think rock and roll is just getting started," Pritchard enthuses, rather sweetly blowing away 50 years of rock history).Music festivals have become corporate behemoths, an industry unto themselves.As this year’s Coachella (perhaps the most corporate of them all) approaches, I thought it would be nice to take a look back at a simpler time—to 2007.I was so overwhelmed seeing the size of the stage and all the cameras, but once I was up, the crowd were so welcoming. I recently signed a deal with a very forward-thinking ‘streaming first’ record label.The whole experience felt like it flew by in a couple of minutes. I finished recording my next releases and we are now working on mixing and mastering the tracks. One of my closest friends, Sophie, is a brilliant chef so she is giving me lessons in my new kitchen! I have three singles coming out over the course of the next few months – it’s been a wild experience collaborating with so many people this time round.

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