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Independent Unique Liberal Open minded Love to be alone Sensitive Passionate Articulate Stubborn Impatient Bad Blunt Arrogant Sarcastic Gone case Lazy Long haired Brown eyed Sharp Mysterious love to take risks Thinks far with vision… I was born, grow up, live my all life and plan to live in Jeddah until the last moment of my life I am a girl with both mature and childish mind, depends in the situation :p I love to live my life full of happiness and joyful times, of course regarding pleasing of Allah I am looking for the one who can understand me and love me as I deserve .. or even if you usually lie, don't come to talk with me ..

between 28 - 36 years old the most important thing to know that I am divorced and I have a lovely BOY. try with another door :) Also, I don't NEVR accept to be a second wife.

Getting married to someone you meet online is the modern way to get married.

Dating apps made up three of the top 10 apps by consumer spend last year in the UK, according to the firm.

M very conscious for my self respect n sense of humour, straight forward n I don't like to show off to people .waiting for destiny n my next family n want to special bonding with them :)M stylish but in limit of grace .

I really wish to spend my life as practical muslimah with my husband in Shaa Allah to attain paradise firdous.

If you have any problem with that, DON' T contact with me. So, if you want to marry again and again and again, go ahead but far away of me. I am looking for a husband who is religious, lovable, loyal,educated and respectful to women. I'll never cheat, get fat and frumpy, lie, spend all the money, get jealous, nag or try to change my man. When I meet my man - maybe it's you - I will bring out the best in you, give you my heart, enjoy being your submissive wife, and "keep on the sunny side of life." I am a lot of fun, I have a positive outlook on life and I am always open to new people and new opportunities.

there are a lot of things to say, but I don't like to talk about myself as a subject to sell If you are interested, fear Allah, serious and know what you want, just ask me what you want to know regarding respected lines. And, extra bonus for you - I am also grounded and level-headed when I need to be. I give my best and never forget to give thanks and appreciation.

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