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This usually results in a delay of about 2-3 months before the approved petition is forwarded to the U. It is much faster and less stressful for both of you, especially your Filipina Fiancee. A: Currently, it is taking between 5-7 months to obtain a K1 Visa from the Philippines. 10) Q: Can I prepare these documents myself, or use a fiancee visa kit?

Many online services who are not honest and up-front, may quote you short, unrealistic processing times just to get your business. A: You can do this yourself, but you run the risk of running into problems that can lead to long delays or even denial of your visa petition.

There is NO preferential treatment given to anyone. Embassy in Manila, Philippines will not accept co-sponsors for K1 Visa applications. We are not quite sure if we are ready to get married at this time. If you do not marry within 90 days of the K-1 Visa status, your Filipina fiancee will have to return to the Philippines. Fiancee Visa kits are not a suitable replacement for expert service.

You cannot even pay an additional fee to the USCIS to help expedite the process. Follow the link – requirements for a k1 visa to have more detailed information.3) Q: Can I marry my Filipina fiancee abroad, then still bring her to the USA on a K-1 Visa? Can we extend the K-1 visa to allow us some additional time to decide what we want to do?? Unfortunately, there are many people who use the fiancée visa process to circumvent the immigration system.

If the I-129F is approved first, the application will be sent directly from the National Visa Center to the U. The process then works much like the K1 fiancee visa process, and an interview will take place in a reasonable amount of time. A: No, we prepare the entire petition for you and submit it directly to the USCIS.

You will also want to beware of services that do not offer live assistance by telephone and only offer email as their only form of contact. 2) Q: I do not meet the minimum income requirements. A: Most embassies around the world will accept a qualified co-sponsor if the U. In most cases, this is a longer process than the K-1 Visa process. If they can find an excuse to place your petition under investigation, they are perfectly within their rights.We have been in dating business since 1997 and we see real processing times based on real experiences. 7) Q: My fiancee applied for a tourist visa to visit me in the U. We got many calls from people who submitted their applications on their own and have problems.Services that claim “shorter waiting periods” or “we know people at the USCIS and at the Embassy in Manila who will help us to expedite the process” are misleading people. Once you make a mistake, it can set you back for many months. If your application is not prepared correctly the USCIS will contact you requesting additional information. Love is a 100% free Australian dating site where you can make friends or find true love online.Funny Online Dating Experiences Free Online Dating Websites Kids Good Online Dating Names For Men Most Popular Free Online Dating Website …

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